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Welsh Tea

In 1865 a small group of Welsh settlers landed on the shores of Puerto Madryn, Argentina and from there, and after immense challenges, forged one of the oldest colonies of Argentina...

The ritual of tea, with its Patagonian additives, allowed them to reunite with their old traditions of their country of origin. The memory of family, friendships and old stories were some of the feelings that arose in each sip...

Direct descendants of the Welsh in those days, more precisely from Lewis Jones, organizer of the expedition, in Equs we decided to revive this ritual and that’s why we brought to Bariloche the only welsh tea house. In a wonderful setting, surrounded by a nature reserve and in a ambiance reminiscent of those settlers who left their homeland to preserve their customs, Equs Posada de Campo promises a trip to the nineteenth century without leaving the XXI.

The value of family, friendship, traditions, and why not, the value of discovering something new is at your fingertips ... we invite you to revive this traditional ritual...

Equs Inn - Welsh Tea
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