Posada de Campo Equs
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Equs is a boutique inn with only 5 rooms and over 4000 square yards of forest located just 11 miles from the city center, and surrounded by the magnificent natural reserve "El Trébol" (The Clover) and the millenary lake bearing the same name.

The structure preserved of a country inn of the 60 allowed to keep the spirit of that time: floors, ceilings, fittings and gates were protected to give the mixture that characterizes it today. In demanding the services of the century, did conform Equs a warm and sublime that only from the inside really understands the meaning of hospitality.

Equs is an intimate and quiet inn set in a unique and majestic area surrounded by life; life stemming not only from the natural reserve in which it is immersed but also from those traditions and customs that have been passed on from our ancestors.

The Welsh that arrived to our country in 1865, and from whom we are direct descendants, have bestowed on us the affection and respect for life that we at Equs wish to transmit.

Equs Inn - Welsh Tea
Av Bustillo 18.500 - Bariloche - Patagonia Argentina - Phone: 02944 - 448543 - info@posadaequs.com.ar